ClayPix for Android

Use pictures like modelling clay.

Do you like to play with modelling clay? Have you dreamed about playing with pictures like they were modelling clay? If you answer yes to those questions, you will enjoy Daikonaka ClayPix.

Daikonaka ClayPix lets you warp the image based on your gestures.

Select picture and use your fingers on the picture like it is clay. Put your finger down somewhere on the picture, move it and then take it off. The picture will move after your finger, once you take the finger off.

You can use gesture. Gesture starts once you put a finger down and ends when you take your last finger off the screen. If you would like to move one part of the picture, but leave the other part unchanged, just touch (i.e. put a finger down and up) that other part of the picture during the gesture.

Experiment and Enjoy!